Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose DeLuca Visions Website Design?
DeLuca Visions provides professionally designed modern day websites. You can rest at ease knowing that we are fast and reliable, no months to wait around. If at any time your website has any issues, we will be there to fix them immediately! 
How does DeLuca Visions Web Design Service work?
First you select the options you would like DeLuca Visions to do for you. Once selecting your options and purchasing products (Hosting and Domain Fees Extra) we will put together a website that best fits your style, as well as your needs. You simply provide the content and images, we handle all the rest.
How long will it take to finish my Website?
It usually take less than a week to receive any of the products you’ve purchased through DeLuca Visions. Full themed websites take at least a minimum of 1-2 weeks. Website will be published once final payment is received.
How do I go about Website updates?
DeLuca visions has provided two different update options per Website purchase option. 1 page website comes with 2 free hours of updates. Full themed website comes with 6 free hours of updates. Once free update hours have been used up, an hourly charge of $49 will have to be paid up front before website update. Time frame estimation will be determined when content that needs to be updated is provided to DeLuca Visions.
What else do you do besides Websites?
DeLuca Visions has a variety of skills that can make building websites a breeze. Additional skills include Photography, Video and editing of both for website content. This can help reduce costs by eliminating additional people onto the website’s creation process. DeLuca Visions can also help start up your social medias so as you can reach a wider audience for your company.
What are your prices?
Logo Design
-Creative & Professional
-Brands your company
-Appeals more to customers
-Ready in 3 days
Business Cards
-Great for personal professional businesses
-Hand out at anytime
-This price with Logo Design already created by us, or one you have provided for us
1 Page Website
-Great for small online companies and events
-2 free hours of updates
-Ready in as little as 3 days
Full Themed Website
-Great for any type of online businesses
-Ready in as little as 1 week
-6 free hours of updates
-Start up your Social Medias
Additional Updates
-Keep your website fresh with new content updates
-Keep attracting new visitors while retaining old ones